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McGregor's Corn Shoots

McGregor's Corn Shoots taste just as interesting as they look. Because they are grown in total darkness, Corn shoots have a distinct flavor burst.  They have the flavor of corn while being intensely sweet and slightly sour. They are commonly found in stir-frys, accompanying seafood and salads.

Corn Shoots are kernels of corn allowed to start growing, up to a few inches tall.  When grown in light, they have green leaves with bluish edges, and are somewhat yellow at the heart.  When grown in the dark, they are completely yellow.  They have the flavor of corn, mixed with a slightly sweet and sour aftertaste.

Want to try McGregor's Corn Shoots on your next dish.  Use the button below to navigate to our food service packaging page.  On that page you will find more information on the packaging we offer as well as contact information for placing your order.  If you are a home cook, you can buy directly from us on our online store.

Care Instructions

McGregor's Corn Shoots should be stored at 35° Fahrenheit in complete darkness.  When exposed to light, corn shoots become green and bitter tasting.  To avoid exposure to light keep corn shoots in a box at all times.  



How we Grow Corn Shoots?

Corn Shoots commonly referred to as popcorn shoots are kernels of corn left out to grow.  We grow our corn shoots on plastic trays in a specialized growing chamber.  

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