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McGregor's Micro Greens

McGregor’s Microgreens are delicious, fresh, and vibrant.  We have been growing Microgreens hydroponically since 1991 and over the years we have perfected our growing, harvesting, and shipping techniques.  We take great pride in bringing you the highest quality, best tasting Microgreens available.  Click here to see how we grow our microgreens. 

Currently, we offer 22 different varieties of microgreens.  McGregor's microgreens are sold both individually and mixed in clam shells ranging from 1 to 8 oz.  We offer 8 standard Microgreen Mixes which include Micro Asian Mix, Micro Sweetheart Mix, and Micro Vegetable Mix. You can use our delicious micro greens on any salad or meal to add a powerful flavor punch.  

If you are looking to purchase our microgreens please use one of the links below.  The button on the right will take you to a complete list of our 1 oz microgreen retail packages and the button to the left will take you to a list of our 4 and 8 oz microgreen food service packages.  When you are ready to place your order call us at 856-451-8800 or email us at orders@mcgregorsgreens.com.

Care Instructions

McGregor's Micro Greens should be stored at 34 ° Fahrenheit with the exception of Micro Basil which should be stored at 50 °.   Handle Micro Greens with care to avoid plant damage.



Why Micro Greens?

McGregor's Micro Greens are filled with incredible taste and flavor.  They are ideal for fine dining restaurants or inspired home cooks.  Our Micro Greens offer beauty and color along with a wide range of unique flavor elements.  You can use our Micro Greens to enhance both the creative presentation and dimension of your dishes.

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