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McGregor's Living Basil

McGregor's Living Basil is hydroponically grown and delivered to you live with roots, stems, and leaves intact.  While cut basil and other cut herbs will only last for a few days, our living basil will maintain its freshness for weeks allowing you to pick fresh basil leaves whenever you want.

Compared to other greenhouse grown basil products, our living basil is fuller, fresher, and filled with taste.  Fuller- With plenty of sunlight our basil grows at an incredible rate    Fresher- Our basil is picked the day of delivery.  Taste- Our basil is grown using high quality seed.  Just pick up our living basil in store to see the McGregor difference.  

If you are looking to purchase McGregors Living Basil please go to our retail packaging page by using the link below.  There you will find more information on our available packaging.  We encourage you to try our 16 ct basil basket.  It is 100% display ready for any store or market right out of the box.  

Care Instructions

To care for your living basil plant simply place the plastic sleeve in an area that receives some sunlight.  We suggest putting your plant on a windowsill, on your kitchen table, or on a deck or patio.  Do not put your living basil in the fridge or freezer.  Also be sure to water your living basil when needed.  If cared for properly your basil plant should live for weeks.

Why Living?

McGregor's Living Produce allows you have a live herb garden right on your windowsill. Need to add flavor a little flavor to your dish. Just take a few leaves from your living mint or basil plant. It's as easy as that.

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