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McGregor's Cut Herbs

McGregor’s Cut Herbs are fresh and flavorful.  Unlike many cut herb growers we do not carry inventories in our coolers.  When we receive orders for cut herbs we take directly from our greenhouse supply.  In most cases, we harvest the day of delivery which means our produce has an increased shelf life.   No wilted or expired greens here.  When selecting seed 

varieties for our cut herbs we always go for quality over quantity.  While other growers may use varieties that grow faster and require less effort  we use seed that produces a better tasting and fuller plant.  We strongly believe in the quality of our cut herbs and we encourage you to try them.  Looking to buy McGregor's cut herbs?

Please use one of the links below to learn more about product packaging.  The button on the left will take you our food service cut herbs and the button on the right will take you to our retail cut herbs.  If you are a home cook looking to get a hold of our product you can either buy from your local retailer or directly from us via our online store.

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